Family Articles


Financial Settlements on Divorce

Maintenance Pending Suit

The second wife and financial orders

Spousal Maintenance

The measure of maintenance

Varying spousal maintenance orders

Varying and Setting Aside Matrimonial Orders

The Family Pets on Divorce

Taking and copying documents

Personal Injury Awards and Divorce

Matrimonial Claims and Inheritance

Nullity of Marriage

Should you go for a DIY Divorce

Separated but not divorced – types of separation

Tips for an amicable divorce

Lost decree absolute

Freezing Orders

The Family Business on Divorce

Severing a Joint Tenancy

Matrimonial Home Rights

Defending a Divorce

Dealing with your spouse or former partner

Hidden Assets and Divorce

When Should You Show Your Hand

Bankruptcy and Divorce

Family Mediation

Expats and Divorce

Divorce and the Second Wife (or Husband)

Collaborative Divorce

Changing your name on divorce


Child Arrangements Orders

Residence and with whom a child should live

Children’s contact with an absent parent

Prohibited Steps and Specific Issues Orders

Parental Responsibility

The wishes of the child

Moving away with the children

Special Guardians

Children and Grandparents

Child Alienation

When does child maintenance end?

Dealing with CAFCASS

Parenting Plans

How adoption works

Appointing a Guardian


Child Maintenance

Changing a child’s name

Enforcing child arrangement orders

Care Proceedings



Living together: steps to protect yourself

Occupation Orders Where There Is No Violence

Cohabitees and jointly owned property

Restrictions on making further Applications

Paternity Testing

Barder Appeals