Tips for an amicable divorce

Divorce will never be easy but it doesn’t have to be stressful, expensive and time consuming. If you approach it in the right way it may not be a pleasant experience but it can certainly be made less painful. Here are some tips for an amicable divorce.

1. Don’t seek revenge. You may feel that you have done nothing wrong and are the innocent party, but there is no benefit in focusing on the past and who did what to whom.

2. If your partner is being unreasonable and unpleasant, do not sink to their level. Rise above it and resist the temptation to be likewise.

3. Keep communications open. Good communication is the key to an easy and amicable divorce.

4. Never ever involve the children in arguments. They are not pawns to be used in divorce proceedings.

5. Accept that you and your spouse may be on different emotional levels and may have developed different needs.

6. Get support from friends and family, but do not ask mutual friends to take sides.

7. Try a little forgiveness for what may have gone wrong in the marriage.

8. Have confidence in yourself and try to restart your life. Think where you want to be in a year’s time.

If you apply these or at least some of these tips you could be awarded with an amicable divorce

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