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Vicarious Liability

Vicarious liability is where someone is held legally responsible for the acts or omissions of someone else. Therefore vicarious liability can make...

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Third-Party Dismissals

What happens if you are an employer and a third-party demands that you dismiss one of your employees? This situation may well arise if you are...

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Stress at Work

Work can be stressful, but sometimes it is unduly so. Where a workload and demands placed by an employer on an employee are excessive, there is a...

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Lies, White Lies and Your CV

In a competitive jobs market, people tend to think ‘does a little white lie in my CV matter if it helps me get the job?’. The answer to this is that...

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Health and Safety at Work

The law imposes a responsibility on an employer to ensure the health and safety at work for all their employees. Much of the law regarding safety in...

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Employed or Self-Employed?

The legal rights of the employed and the self-employed are very different. It is only employees who can bring claims for unfair dismissal, claim...

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Statutory Redundancy Payments

What do you do if your employer closes down, you are made redundant, and your employer either can’t or won’t pay you the redundancy pay that you’re...

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Blowing the Whistle

If you believe there is malpractice or wrongdoing in your workplace, then you can ‘blow the whistle’ on the behaviour and be protected from losing...

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Constructive Dismissal

Constructive dismissal is defined in the Employment Rights Act 1996 as where: 'The employee terminates the contract under which he is employed (with...

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Money Received by Mistake

A person who receives money as the result of a mistake made by someone else is not entitled to keep the money. The position with money paid by...

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