Disciplinary and dismissal procedure


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A disciplinary procedure is a formal way for an employer to deal with an employee’s unacceptable or improper behaviour or performance

Before starting a disciplinary procedure, the employer should first see whether the problem can be resolved in an informal way. This can often be the quickest and easiest solution.

The employer could try solving the issue with their employee by privately talking with them and any other staff involved, listening to their point of view, agreeing improvements to be made or setting up a training or development plan if it’s a performance issue

This specimen disciplinary and dismissal policy deals with:

  • Dealing with disciplinary issues
  • Informal actions Formal actions
  • The Standard statutory 3-steps disciplinary and dismissal procedure
  • Modified 2-Steps disciplinary and dismissal procedure
  • Delays
  • Appeals
  • When procedures do not apply.
  • General misconduct and gross misconduct with examples


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