Represent Yourself in Court



Represent Yourself in Court provides the information a litigant in person needs in order to prepare and present a successful case in the civil courts of England and Wales. It provides an outline of what is involved in bringing or defending a claim, from first considerations to preparing and presenting your evidence at trial. It takes you step by step through the procedures, and with the tips and advice given enables you to present a persuasive professionally prepared case.

Instructing a firm of solicitors to act for you will rarely be economical for cases involving less than £10,000, nor for many other disputes including those for a greater sum of money. Lawyers are expensive, and your only option might be to represent yourself on purely financial grounds. Whatever the reason, with a little help, self-representing need not be a daunting experience. The reality is that bringing or defending a case is not in itself difficult, but guidance on the tactics and procedure can be necessary to present a winning case. That is the purpose of this book.