What do you do if your employer closes down, you are made redundant, and your employer either can’t or won’t pay you the redundancy pay that you’re owed? In these circumstances you can apply to the National Insurance Fund to pay either the whole or part of the statutory redundancy payment. To make a claim you will need to show that:

a) Your employer has refused or failed to pay the redundancy pay that you are entitled to, and that you have taken all reasonable steps short of legal action to recover it;
b) Your employer is solvent and the whole or part of your statutory redundancy payment hasn’t been paid to you.

In addition to a statutory redundancy payment, you can claim for:

  • unpaid wages of up to 8 weeks;
  • holiday pay of up to 6 weeks’ worth;
  • statutory notice pay – 1 week after 1 month’s service, going up to 1 week per year of service (up to a maximum of 12 weeks);
  • unpaid pension contributions (your pensions administrator does this for you);
  • basic award for unfair dismissal.