Grievance Procedure


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A grievance procedure is a formal way for an employee to raise a problem or complaint to their employer. The employee can raise a grievance if they feel raising it informally has not worked or if they do not want it dealt with informally. The steps which must then follow are:

Step one.  The employer must give a written statement to the employee setting out why they have decided to take disciplinary action.

Step two. The employer must meet the employee, who has the right to be accompanied by his or her colleague or union representative. The employer must state their case, let the employee respond and then, after the meeting, give the employee a decision. This should explain that the employee may appeal against the decision.

Step three. The employee may appeal against the decision and choose to be accompanied to an appeal meeting, which should ideally be heard by a different or more senior manager. The employer must inform the employee of the decision of the appeal. If the employee is not satisfied and believes that employment rights have been infringed, they may be able to make a complaint to an employment tribunal.

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