Property Law

The Law relating to owning or renting property. 

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Housing Repair Claims

If you are a private tenant whose landlord has failed or is refusing to carry out necessary repairs to your home having been informed of the problem...

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Rights of Ways and Easements

An easement is a right to use another person’s property for a stated purpose. A type of easement can be a right of way that someone has over another...

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Property Law Covenants

Property covenants are promises that come with a property and by bind the present owner of the property . The most common types of covenants...

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Freehold or Leasehold

Freehold and leasehold are two different types of property ownership in the UK. Anyone considering buying a property here will need to know the...

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Private Landlords

A private landlord is any person (including a company) who rents out residential dwellings. A landlord who shares his living accommodation with a...

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Abandoned Goods

What are you to do if someone has left their property with you or on your premises and do not remove it although you have asked them to do so? This...

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