Tenancy Agreement (Assured Shorthold)


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This is the tenancy agreement you will need if you are intending to rent out your house or flat to a tenant for use as their main home. The tenant must be an individual and have sole occupancy of the property. As it will be an assured shorthold tenancy you will be able to charge a market rent and recover possession by giving 2 months’ notice at the end of the term.

The agreement sets out the tenants’ and your rights and obligations. It ensures that you will be able to recover possession when required and enforce payment of rent and all other tenant obligations. It includes an inventory which can be included to show the items at the property and their condition to ensure their return at the end of the tenancy in the same condition less fair wear and tear. There is provision for a guarantor to guarantee payment of rent and other tenant obligations. A deposit is required which must be lodged with one of the 3 government approved deposit protection schemes to cover damage to the property or content and any unpaid rent.

The assured shorthold tenancy agreement is for the letting of a house or flat as a residence and includes clauses covering:

  • the term of the tenancy
  • the deposit to be paid
  • the rent charged
  • an optional guarentor agreement
  • the landlord’s obligations and  responsibilities
  • an inventory
  • what the tenant can and cannot do at the property
  • obligations at the end of the tenancy

This agreement will not be suitable for:

  • tenants intending to run a business from the property
  • 3 or more tenants as the property could then be considered to be in multiple occupancy and require a licence from the local authority
  • a student let
  • letting to a company or business partnership
  • Where the rent is over £100,000 a year in England or £25,000 in Wales
  • a property outside of England and Wales
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