The Dirty Divorce Warchest



This is an essential guide to help you survive and win a ‘dirty’ divorce. Divorce is sometimes war, and it’s a war where the odds may seem stacked against you. If you don’t want to be annihilated, you need to know the weapons that can and probably will be used against you, and to understand the tricks that are played, so that you can protect yourself and turn them back onto your opponent.

There has never been a UK book on divorce like this before. It has been written by an experienced divorce lawyer to take the lid off the system and provide the inside knowledge needed to win in the game of divorce. When divorce strikes, you are moving into the divorced new and unfamiliar world. An alien world of courts and lawyers who you must deal with whilst under tremendous emotional pressure. With The Dirty Divorce Warchest as your guide you will not be outwitted by some sharp lawyer, possibly paid for by legal aid to help your former spouse take everything off you.

The Dirty Divorce Warchest shows you the essential strategies and tactics used by some divorce lawyers and gives you the inside information not available elsewhere to not only survive but win. Many people are pushed to desperation by the dirty tricks that the divorce system plays on them. Do not be one of them. The Dirty Divorce Warchest explains the things you need to know to protect yourself and shows you the pitfalls and traps which can so easily be fallen into. It contains approximately 15,000 words and 60 pages and costs only £19.99 – much the same price as one letter from a solicitor.

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