Property Law


The Law relating to owning or renting property. 

Property Law

Property law deals with the various aspects of owning or renting property. Property in this context is anything immovable which is owned – usually land or a house. Often, the question which the law must answer relates to who is entitled to use the property and how they are entitled to use it.

Disputes between parties who are unable to agree on the use of property are often difficult and can raise complex legal issues. The issues will often involve the special features of land, and require a balancing of the entitlements of an owner of the land and those acquiring a right to use it. The only certainty surrounding battles through the court between owners and occupiers of land is that they will be expensive and are best avoided.

This said, however, there are many well laid down principles of property law stemming from Victorian times and even earlier. Modern property law endeavours to provide a transparent and predictable means of deciding parties’ rights and settling disputes.



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