Divorce Law and Procedure



Divorce is tough for all concerned. Filing for a divorce can be daunting, and the court forms are not designed to be easy to complete. However, if your divorce or dissolution is amicable and your finances are straightforward, you should be able to sort everything out relatively quickly and easily. You still need to go through the legal process so you are legally divorced or have dissolved your civil partnership, but usually you will not need to use a solicitor.

The purpose of this book is to enable those involved in a divorce to avoid expensive and painful court battles, and at the same time obtain a fair financial settlement and not get screwed. It explains the court process to having a marriage or civil partnership dissolved, and will help you to understand your rights and the law and procedure relating to how financial matters are decided on divorce.

The book is a comprehensive guide to divorce, separation and splitting up written in clear, easy to follow language, divided into 3 sections. The first section deals with the law and procedure to apply for a decree of divorce and how to avoid hidden traps. The second section deals with how property and financial matters are decided at the end of a marriage and how to obtain a fair and proper settlement. The third section is headed ‘Tips and Tricks’ and is advice from an experienced family lawyer on dealing with problems which can arise and what to do in a dirty divorce.

The emphasis throughout the book is on reaching your own agreement, but where this is not possible, the book will guide you through how matters can be decided by a family court. It is written by a former solicitor who has spent his career in the war-zone of the divorce courts, with advice and answers to the questions which matter most to those going through a divorce in England and Wales.


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