Children in the Family Court



This book explains how the family court decides disputes between parents who are unable to agree the arrangements for their children following divorce or breakup of their family. It explains the procedure which must be followed to obtain a court order relating to children and an outline of the law which will be applied.

Chapters are devoted to problems over contact with a non-resident parent and disputes over with whom a child will live. Other sections deal with parental responsibility, prohibited steps and specific issue orders and with changing a child’s name and removing a child from England and Wales.

The final section of the book contains a number of tips for those involved in a dispute over their children. It discusses the dirty tricks that can be played by some parents and how they can be overcome.

This is a comprehensive guide written in every day English for those caught up in a dispute over children in England and Wales. Its purpose is to help parents successfully navigate the family court system without a lawyer. The book is written by a former solicitor with over 20 years experience of dealing with family issues.

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