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The first thing to think about when considering a legal question is whether you have a legal issue or simply a problem. The law is not able to help with every difficulty along life’s rocky road. Is your problem one where the law provides a remedy and if so, is the cost and hassle justified. It is not all problems that have a legal remedy and often there may be remedies to be found which do not require legal intervention.

If it is a real legal issue you need to think about the reality of taking legal action. In theory you can issue a claim on just about anything where the law provides a cause of action. However, doing so can be a waste of time and money and not give the desired result. Even if you can sue consider whether you should sue. It is always worth consulting a lawyer who will advise on your prospects and other possible solutions.

You may also like to research your legal issue yourself and there is much information on this website to help you do so. Determine the practice area and then the cause of action. Once you have done that consider the relief provided by the law-money or other order-and ask yourself whether the court is able to provide the solution you require. Next consider the parties to the action and whether there are any pre-action protocols which should be followed.

If you just have a quick question on the law, our free service could be all that you need. We will try and answer your question as soon as possible but cannot always guarantee a reply as there is a huge demand.  If you want a guaranteed reply straightaway and be able to ask a follow up question choose Guaranteed Answer.

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  • Due to the number of requests under our FREE SERVICE we cannot guarantee a reply to every question or promise how long it will take unless you opt for a guaranteed option.
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Please note that we are not a publicly funded advice service but a group of experienced lawyers who give their time to advise without charge. We rely upon your donations to maintain our website and continue this service.


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