General Power of Attorney


Complete your power of attorney online by answering questions in a virtual interview. You can then review your document by email or telephone with a qualified lawyer at no extra charge. Once you are satisfied that the document sets out the terms required and have considered the legal implications and need for additional clauses or amendments with our lawyer simply print out and sign.

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Sorry but our interactive power of attorny is not available yet. Our programmers are still ironing out a few gremlins. It will be available shortly but in the meantime we have a template available here 

If you would like to test drive a free copy let us know using the contact form.

This fully customizable power of attorney allows you to delegate authority to someone else for all or specific tasks. The delegation of power can be for a specific time or until the power is revoked. Examples of when you may wish to grant a power of attorney could be when you are abroad and wish for someone to manage your affairs or if you need to appoint someone with greater experience than you to handle a specific task.

There is no need to register a general power of attorney or any particular formalities. Always remember that you will remain liable for the actions of the person acting under the power you grant as must therefore ensure you only grant a power to someone you trust explicitly.

Anyone over 18 with full mental capacity can grant a power. It can however only cover things which you have the right and capacity to do yourself in a personal and not official capacity. You can read more about powers of attorney here. A general power of attorney should not be confused with a lasting power of attorney.