Probate, Inheritance and Winding Up a Family Estate



Most people can deal with the winding up of the affairs of a loved one or family member themselves these days rather than using a solicitor. Obtaining probate and administering a family estate is not difficult and well within the capabilities of most people. All that is required is common sense, time and organization together with some professional guidance which this book will provide. If you can write letters, do basic sums, are well organized and can keep accurate records, there’s really no need to spend thousands of pounds on professional assistance. Indeed, the majority of probate applications these days came from people doing a ‘DIY’ administration of an estate as the cost of employing a solicitor to carry out the administration is heavy and can only be justified in complicated and high-value estates. DIY probate can save you a fortune.

This book is a step by step guide to all that a person who has been appointed as the executor of an estate is likely to need to know. It deals with the first steps when someone has died through the need for a grant of probate to obtaining the grant, paying debts and calling in and distributing the estate. It is written in everyday language and will give an executor the knowledge and confidence required to carry out their duties and completing the administration of a straightforward estate.

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