Change of Name Declaration



Providing that it is not for fraudulent purposes anyone is free to change their name at any time and be known by whatever name they choose. Thus you can change your forename, surname or any part of whatever you are called. The only restrictions are if you are under 18 or if the change of name is with the intention of deceiving people (or the authorities) of who you are. Very often people choose to change their name after a failed marriage or relationship.

Although you are not legally obliged to do anything when you change your name, sometimes written evidence is required. Banks, the passport office, the DVLA and others will require evidence of your new name. This is provided by way of a statutory declaration which provides this evidence and will be accepted without the need for registration for most purposes.

The change of name declaration can be completed and printed out in minutes. As a statutory declaration it must then be signed in front of a solicitor who will also sign your declaration. There will be a small charge and you will be asked for proof of your old identity. Copies of your statutory declaration should then be sent to official organisations and all service providers with whom you have dealings.

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