Accident and Personal Injury Claims


Notwithstanding what lawyers want you to think, it is quite straightforward to settle an accident claim with an insurance company. There are no complicated rules and you simply need common sense, to be organised, have a basic understanding of the legal principles involved, and to know how the claims process works.

By dealing with a claim yourself you are likely to obtain not only a quicker settlement but also increased compensation, as the insurance company will not have legal costs to pay. These costs will be significant consideration for an insurance company, as no win/no fee lawyers and Claims management companies’ charges are often more than the compensation paid to you.

Who is liable to compensate you after an accident will usually be obvious and a matter of common sense. You will know the facts of your claim and injury better than the insurance company, and after reading this book as much about the law and what must be shown as they do. All you will usually have to do is provide a clear explanation of how their insured was careless, how their carelessness caused the accident, and show the loss you have suffered as a consequence.

The amount of compensation you are entitled to receive is structured and defined on established principles. It is not something which only a lawyer and the insurance company can work out. It is calculated as this book will show you based upon your injuries, pain and suffering, and financial loss resulting from the accident.

Once the insurance company sees that you are aware of what you are entitled to, they will usually pay up straightaway. Fighting a claim costs them money, and once they see that you know that you have a valid claim and know what it is worth, it makes sense for them to settle straightaway. Research shows that settling directly with an insurer does not result in incorrect compensation being paid, and where a payment does not need to be made to a claimant’s lawyer, the amount can be negotiated to the top of the range for a particular accident.

This book will show you how to obtain all the evidence you need to make a successful claim and work out what your claim is worth. It explains how to protect your position after an accident and prepare your claim for presentation to the insurance company. You will be shown how to negotiate a settlement and what to do if a fair settlement is not offered.

You will be shown how to pursue your claim methodically, and as quickly and easily as possible. In the event that it is not possible to reach a settlement – or where you feel that professional advice is needed – you will have an understanding of the claim’s process to help you take matters further.


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