‘Free’ legal advice

There is really no such thing as free legal advice and when it is offered it is not worth having. Lawyers are no different from plumbers, motor mechanics, or house builders who you would not expect to work for nothing. They cannot offer their services for nothing as they have to eat and pay their rent or mortgages just as anyone else and have families to support.

What there is is free legal information. That is readily available from a multitude of websites including ours. Some is of questionable quality and often is not up to date. Care must be taken before relying upon it but it is useful for carrying out research on a legal problem.The free legal information available online can be complimented and added to by reading books and law guides written by experienced lawyers on a specific topic. In some cases this could be all that is needed to answer a legal question.

Legal information is not the same as legal advice however. Legal advice is very different and can only be given by a qualified lawyer with experience of the subject area. To advise on a legal matter requires a combination of knowledge, understanding and experience is needed. A lawyer must have a proper understanding of the law and procedure and know where to go to find the detail often required. Even with this knowledge he or she will be of limited use without the experience which can only come from many years of practice. Probably 7 years learning the Law and obtaining professional qualifications and then a further 10 ‘learning the game’.

The lawyers working with LawZone have all of the qualifications and will have spent on average 20 years in practice after qualification. There will not be many problems they have not met during that time. The difference is that they now work independently rather than with the big firms and legal establishment. This means that working exclusively on line they do not have to charge for fancy offices, support staff and all the other things unnecessary to those who just want a lawyer on hand when needed to help and advise

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