Legal advice tailored to your individual matter from a  qualified lawyer for only £37.50.

All questions are answered by a fully qualified lawyer. He or she will have had many years’ experience in their subject area and during their career mostly practiced as a barrister or solicitor.

Whilst High Street solicitor firms charge around £250 an hour, you get the same quality advice but without delay, inconvenience or hassle for just £37.50.

Confidential, one to one help and advice by email or telephone from an experienced lawyer for only £37.50 with the lawyer on hand to answer follow on questions 24/7.


You will receive:


  • A reply and advice usually the same day or within 24 hours.
  • A detailed and comprehensive advice on the law relating to your matter together with options tailored to resolve the issues.
  • Follow up questions if required at no further charge.
  • A telephone conference with the lawyer where needed.
  • Clear, jargon advice in total confidence.
  • The opportunity to further instruct the lawyer if you wish.

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    There are hundred’s of pages of information and articles to help you research the law applicable to your matter.

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    Books and Law Guides to help you understand the law-all written in plain English together with legal agreements and documents to complete.


    We are only able to answer questions relating to the Laws of England and Wales. We do not advise on immigration or visa matters.

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