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All questions are answered by a fully qualified and experienced lawyer. He or she will have had many years’ experience in their subject area and during their career mostly practiced as a barrister or solicitor.


Whilst High Street solicitor firms charge around £250 an hour, you get the same quality advice but without delay, inconvenience or hassle. Confidential, one to one help and advice you can rely upon.

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You have 3 options to pick from. Choose the one that fits your needs and budget and by the case, process the payment via PayPal.


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Now that you’ve completed all required steps, be assured that help is on the way! You will receive the answer according to the package you’ve picked.


Legal Consultation and Full Advice £37.50

Detailed, comprehensive advice on the law and ways to deal with your legal problem from a fully qualified and experienced lawyer.

  • A written reply to your question 24/7 often straightaway or within 24 hours
  • Follow up questions at no additional charge and a telephone conference if required.
  • Free Lawguide, document or statement of claim from our library.

This could be all that is needed  to deal with your legal problem.


 Guaranteed Answer £10

We select a pro bono lawyer experienced in your matter who will email you with an answer to your free question in exchange for your contribution to the cost of running our site often straightaway but always within 24 hours.


Complete the form below to receive a detailed, comprehensive advice on the law and ways to deal with your legal problem.

Give as much detail as possible and attach any relevant documents. Click ‘send’ and make the payment.

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    Which advice option? Select the type of help and advice you need!

    Choose Guaranteed Answer if you want a guaranteed reply straightaway. If you want advice on your particular legal problem and what you should do about it you should choose the paid Full Advice.


    • We are only able to answer questions relating to the Laws of England and Wales-not Scotland. 
    • We do not advise on immigration, benefits or visa matters.
    • We are not able to advise by telephone under our free service. Telephone advice is only available by appointment under our paid service.
    • Due to the number of requests under our FREE SERVICE we cannot guarantee a reply to every question or promise how long it will take.
    • Documents cannot be uploaded and read under the free advice service.

    Free Online Legal Information.

    There are hundred’s of pages of information and articles on our site to help you research the law applicable to your matter.


    We have legal documents, eBooks and law guides to download from our shop to help you deal yourself with your legal matter.

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