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If you just have a question on the law, our free service could be all that you need. Choose Guaranteed Answer if you want a guaranteed reply straightaway. However is you want advice on a particular legal problem and what you should do, go for Full Advice or Full + telephone/ further follow up.

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We select a lawyer experienced in your matter who will email you with a short answer within 24 hours.

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Detailed, comprehensive advice on the law relating to your matter and ways to deal with the issues.

A reply 24/7 within 24 hours, or often straightaway.

Clear, jargon free advice in a written 1-2 page opinion from a fully qualified and experienced lawyer.

Full Advice + a telephone conference or further follow up help.

Full and comprehensive advice in a 1-2 page opinion as above within 24 hours with the option of a telephone conference or being able to ask follow up questions.

This could be all you need to deal with your matter.

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No further action required.

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  • We are not able to advise by telephone under our free service. Telephone advice is only available by appointment under our paid service.
  • Due to the number of requests under our free service we are not able to guarantee a reply to every question or promise how long it will take.

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