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Help and advice on your legal matters from a real lawyer. The LawZone website contains over 200 pages of information on the law but sometimes you need specific, one to one advice on your particular legal problem.


Advice on a legal matter does not need to cost the earth. Working online our lawyers advise on the law applicable to the facts of your case and the best way to resolve your legal problem. All advice is given by real, fully qualified lawyers with around 20 years experience. It is strictly confidential, available 7 days a week, and you will usually receive a reply straightaway.

The help and advice we provide is equal to that of a conventional law firm. All you do not get is the frills of fancy offices and paying for services you do not need. You just get the help you need from a qualified lawyer.


For help and advice with a legal problem all you have to do is fill in the form below with your name, provide an email address for our reply and tell us about your legal problem or matter. Attach any document which might help us understand the issues. Your question will then be passed to one of our lawyers with experience in your area of law. They will usually reply straightaway or when not possible within 24 hours. When asking a question we ask you to make a secure payment of £25 by PayPal or debit/credit card. Once paid you can then ask any follow-up questions and be in touch with your lawyer by email or telephone for any more help needed.

We do not answer questions on immigration or on issues not involving the Law of England and Wales. Otherwise we can usually help with any legal matter which could be dealt with by a High Street firm of solicitors. Unlike many legal help and advice services all questions are answered by a fully qualified lawyer. He or she will have many years’ experience in their subject area and during their career have practiced as a barrister or solicitor.

Our service is strictly confidential and secure and if you wish can be anonymous. The advice is what is best for you and unlike the free advice sometimes offered not directed at selling you other services. Getting real legal advice from real lawyers has never been so easy. Help from a qualified lawyer is now affordable, fast and easy. Just as it should be.

Since 2004 we have answered thousands of questions of legal questions. You can read what our clients have to say from the testimonials below. You can also see some examples of the questions and answers provided  by clicking the button below. If you wish to ask about whether we can help with your matter you can contact us at




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