Appointment of Guardian Deed


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Appointing a guardian to care for your children, should you be unable to do so yourself, is probably the most important step you can take to protect and ensure your children’s future welfare. Rather than leave their care to the court to decide or someone of whom you might not approve, it is a simple but essential task to appoint someone to ‘step into your shoes’, should the need arise.

This law guide contains several forms of deed for appointing a guardian to your children, together with suitable clauses for inclusion in your will. It contains guidance on who to appoint and what needs to be taken into consideration to allow you to legally appoint a guardian without the need to instruct a lawyer.

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What is a Legal Guardian?.

Appointment of a guardian.

Choosing a Guardian.

Appointment of guardian other than by will—short form..

Appointment of guardian other than by will—long form..

Appointment of guardian by will

Appointment by will of guardian of children by former marriage.