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We welcome independently minded lawyers and entrepreneurs excited by our vision of taking legal services into the modern world to join us. LawZone is not a referral site or a law firm in the traditional sense but a group of professional lawyers working together through the website, pooling work and experience, and enjoying the freedom of escaping bureaucracy to a better life/work mix.

Clients post requests for legal help and advice through the LawZone and sister websites. These are allocated to a suitable lawyer who will contact and agree with the client his or her terms to deal. In most contentious matters the client will act in person with the lawyer on hand to advise and carry out such packaged work as required. Access to our library, precedents and support from all colleagues is always available.

Joining our team enables you to work as much or as little as you choose. From home, on the beach or that villa in the sun. There is complete flexibility and your involvement can be tailored to suit your needs and requirements.

If this appeals to you or you require further information fill in the box below. We are currently particularly anxious to speak with an entrepreneurial lawyer to manage the site and take the business forward. Unlimited prospects.

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